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Modelling: factors to consider in hoof trimming

Are you a dairy producer who learned the basics of hoof trimming at home? I mean, perhaps your father taught you. He may have told you that the sole of the hoof needs full “dishing out” because this is the hoof form we see in pasture cows in their natural environment....

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How often should I trim my cows?

Today’s burning question: hoof trimming frequency If you ask five people how often your herd requires hoof trimming, you may end up with six opinions. OK, that’s probably stretching it a bit but the fact remains that opinions on this matter vary greatly. When dairy...

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When To Treat a Lame Cow?

Speed: your ally in keeping lameness at bay You wake up one morning and do the routine check on your cows. You notice that one of them is showing signs of lameness. Do you then start wondering what would be the best time to check her out? I often hear this question...

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Munich: host for the 2017 Lameness Conference

Welcome to Munich In September, Munich will be hosting the 19th International Symposium and 11th International Conference on Lameness in Ruminants. The famous German city will play host to the biannual event for this time. Experts in cattle health, production systems,...

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Hoof blocking: what you need to know

Apart from being a scourge for cows, lameness can cause a great economic loss for you, the farmer. Hoof blocking generally is an effective method of hoof care. You should keep in mind, however, that it isn’t perfect. Whenever lameness rears its ugly head, the herdsman...

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A Wet Spring and its Impact on Lameness in Cows

A dairy producer recently told me they had a wet spring in their area. This left its mark on the hoof condition of his herd. The farm had its fair share of lameness, and he wanted to know how often they should run their footbath.  In preparing to provide the...

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