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Lameness Control Strategies: Prevention vs Treatment

I’m sure you’ve run into lameness challenges in the past – or perhaps you’re currently facing some challenges? Or maybe they’re looming around the corner, but you’re not aware of them yet. Let’s take a closer look at the different approaches and checks we need to have...

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Overview of the Cattle Footbath Method on Dairy Farms

A producer recently approached me after starting to question the ultimate success rate of the footbath method and wondering how to measure the Return on Investment (ROI). He felt frustrated and overwhelmed: he had used the footbath frequently and still had an...

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Seven Tips for the Best Time Management

Lack of time is the number one reason for not having a preventative hoof care plan in place on our farms. However, some farmers have found a way to do all their daily chores plus implement a hoof care plan. Their key to success: time management. How do they do it?...

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Where Can I Find a Hoof Trimmer?

"WANTED: hoof trimmers! Please contact!" Hoof trimmers are an essential part of dairy cows’ performance. They, myself included, often hear something like the following from dairy farmers: "Keeping up with hoof trimming my cows has been a challenge over the past ten...

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