Hoof care products and strategies in dairy cows.

The product you were looking for is currently out of stock. Below you find information about our OTC drug product Intra Hoof-fit Gel, which is our master achiever for digital dermatitis treatment in dairy cows.
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What is Intra Hoof-fit Gel?



  • The only topical treatment with an OTC DIN in Canada
  • Used for individual treatment of digital Dermatitis (DD)
  • Best of all: it’s antibiotic-free! Therefore there is no possibility of antibiotic resistance from this product

Understand Lameness

Our Hoof Care blog is All About Hooves and practical solutions.

Importance of Diagnosis

It’s important to know what is causing your herd’s lameness. Learn the steps to proper diagnosis.

Individual Cow Approach

The Individual Cow Approach has helped our clients to control lameness problems that perhaps are also causing $$ losses in your herd.

Whole Herd Prevention Methods

We share with you how to gain control by using whole herd prevention methods. Let’s stop wasting $$ today and gain control on hoof health!

About Our Professional Hoof Care Consultant

the author
Koos Vis
“Being a professional hoof trimmer by trade, I’ve first-hand experience with the lameness challenges. My passion is to help the dairy industry to overcome and manage these challenges.”

Koos’ career as a full-time hoof trimmer was from 1994 until 2010. He now runs Diamond Hoof Care and has made it his mission to help thousands of dairy herdsmen understand, overcome and prevent lameness.

Diamond Hoof Care Ltd. is specialized in hoof care for cattle. Together with Intracare BV from the Netherlands, we keep abreast of trends in the animal health world. Our specific focus is on dairy hoof care and digital dermatitis control.

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