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“Diamond Hoof Care employs dedicated people to improve the welfare of the dairy cows and always looking for new ways and new solutions.” 

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At Diamond Hoof Care, our goal is to reduce lameness by assisting producers and partner with their professional team. 

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Hoof diseases can be a challenge. Learn more about them! 

Hoof Care digital dermatitis hairy warts

Digital Dermatitis (DD) or Hairy Warts

This is an inflammation of the skin around the cow’s hoof causing a very painful condition that results in lameness and subsequent reductions in food intake, milk yield and fertility.

Is there a safe way to treat this problem?

Hoof Care interdigital dermatitis

Interdigital Dermatitis or Heel Erosion

This is like a wet eczema and has a characteristic bad odour. It is seen most frequently when the animals are housed inside and exposed to wet conditions.

How can we manage the severity?

Hoof Care foot rot

Foot Rot

This sudden onset of lameness is usually accompanied by a fever and production loss. The skin between the claw and above the foot is swollen, painful and warm to the touch. 

How can we get avoid spreading?

Hoof Care laminitis sole ulcer

Laminitis Horn Disease

Horn diseases are painful, with pain levels ranging between moderate and severe. Environmental stress and metabolic problems result in poor horn production.

How can we manage this problem?

Hoof Care corn

Corn or Tyloma

Interdigital growth can cause irritation and inflammation. Hard horn edges combined with excessive manure and moisture seems to worsen the occurrence of corns in a herd.

How can we manage this problem?

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