Hoof knife


A hoof knife is the ultimate tool in hoof trimming. Professional quality handle and blade ensures great performance.

“These are the knives the professional trimmers use!”

Veterinarian or hoof trimmer?

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Veterinarian or hoof trimmer?

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A good hoof knife is half of the job. The professional hoof knives we sell are of premium quality to do the job. Regular sharpening of hoof knife is a must-do to continue to have great performance. The hoof knife is one of the tools used to trim the hoof properly by using our free guideline “5 steps to trim a cow”.

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Knife sharpening can be done in various ways. We’ve been using the method developed by Mitch St. Pierre, owner of The Hoof guy. Mitch shows how he sharpens his knife in one of his videos.

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Left-handed hoof knife, Right-handed hoof knife, Left and right-handed hoof knives (one each)

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