Hoof Signals


Success factors for healthy hooves
Healthy hooves on a cow is everyone’s dream.

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Hoof Signals: success factors for healthy hooves

Healthy hooves on a cow are everyone’s dream. In fact, “Good hoof health brings higher financial returns and reduces the pressure of work. And it delivers more job satisfaction for man and cow” (Cow Signals)

Our cows’ hooves are the weakest link in their health, along with feed and feed intake. Cows that become lame – however slightly – suffer from pain and will eat, drink and lie down less. They will, therefore, produce less milk and will be more difficult to get them to calf. Plus they will need additional attention and labour on an ongoing basis.

A good manager makes hoof health care an integral part of his work and in his daily, weekly, monthly and annual routine. He also focuses on prevention, so his time is not constantly taken up treating lame cows. He thinks ahead!” –Hoof Signals).

The modern farmer knows that he can bring in specialist vets, hoof trimmers, and feed advisors. They may not have a clear picture of why certain conditions come about, but they know more than enough about how to prevent them.

Hoof Signals provides all the practical knowledge a farmer needs to get hoof health on his dairy farm under control. With easily understandable descriptions, clear drawings and lots of pictures.

“This book is a must-have for all dairy farmers! Clear explanations will help to do routine procedures (like wrapping) in an effective way” –Koos Vis, professional hoof trimmer.

If you’d like to learn more about the different hoof diseases, visit our hoof care page. We also have great blog posts that deal with different aspects of the dairy industry.


Intracare version of Hoof Signals.
60 pages. Published in 2015.