Hoof-Sol Liquid


For best performance use the MATABI Sprayer



Intra Hoof-Sol Liquid is specifically designed for maintaining hoof care in the whole herd.

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  • Use an early lameness detection tool to be more focused on hooves with weekly spraying sessions.
  • 100% fresh solution: each hoof gets a fresh batch of product that is not contaminated by other cows’ hooves.
  • Hoof-Sol Liquid has a role in maintaining healthy hooves.
  • Easy product detection: the stickiness and green colour help you make sure that all hooves are done.

Directions for use

  • Use the head lockers in the feeding alley or the milking parlour to securely hold the animals. Works great in stanchion barns as well.
  • If necessary, rinse the hooves and interdigital spaces with water.
  • Premium coverage and results: apply weekly @ 50% solution. Optional alternative: use a reduced dilution (20-40% Hoof-Sol Liquid) for weekly follow-up sessions to maintain hoof health.
  • Spray the Hoof-Sol Liquid on the back and in the interdigital spaces of the hind legs using the Intra SprayPro or the Matabi applicator.

Mixing tips

  • Always use COLD water to prepare the Hoof-Sol Liquid solution.
  • Use the entire contents of the jug when preparing the solution in a large mixing pail.
  • Initial and occasional stirring of the Liquid solution is very important to ensure a satisfactory spraying pattern.
  • Monthly rinsing of the applicator with hot water is advised to ensure a long lasting performance.

Additional information

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5 liter jug, 10 liter jug

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