Intra Eco-Bath


Intra Eco-Bath is the approved Veterinary Health Product (NN.V2L2)

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Intra Eco-Bath is an approved Veterinary Health Product to maintain, support, and promote healthy hooves and dermis (NN.B9B6).

This product is approved to be used in organic farming - contact your certifier to register or contact our office.

The average footbath volume is 150 liters and should be effective for approximately 250 to 300 cow-passes. Make sure the hooves are submerged in the footbath solution between the hairline and the dewclaws (12-15 cm).

  • Stable pH
  • Strong adhesion
  • Long contact time

Available size

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Directions for use

  • Mix 5 L Intra Eco-Bath per 100 Liters of water to make a 5% solution.
  • The recommended use is once or twice per week.

Why use Intra Eco-Bath in the footbath method?

The Intra Eco-Bath is designed to stay active for a longer time, even after pollution with manure and urine. Even after 287 cows passing through the bath, the pH is below 4.0. Additionally, we designed the Intra Bath to avoid much of the contamination by adding the grill in between the two tubs.

Intra Eco-Bath comes with pH test strips, which allow you to easily and quickly check the quality of your bath.

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