Intra Spray-fit


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The Intra Spray-fit is a semi-automatic hoof spraying pump for ready-to-use solutions on dairy farms.  

Packaging for this item

  • 1 complete Plug-in and Go system.

Package contains the Spray-fit gun with a stainless-steel nozzle and a 20-inch wand (varies according to application).

Intra Spray-fit comes with 25 meters (82 feet) of robust hose.


  • Easy to install and cost effective.
  • Clean and consistent product for all cows.
  • Hoof care focus to monitor problematic cows.
  • 60-degree tip angle: sprays up between the claws.
  • Targeted method: no product waste.

Usage tips

  • Weekly spraying regimens are recommended to control and monitor hoof health. 

Types of livestock

This product is intended for use in dairy herds.

Additional information

  • The system has been designed based on feedback from numerous producers and hoof trimmers. It has also been successfully tested on thousands of hooves.