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Intra-Flex Bandages wraps are an effective aid in hoof health management.

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Intra Tape (Intra-Flex Bandages) wraps are an effective aid in hoof health management. Recommended for use with Hoof-fit Gel, Canada’s first medicine to treat digital dermatitis. The tape should be removed after a maximum of 4 days.

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Why hoof wraps are used?

Intra Tape as a hoof wrap is used to keep the treatment with Hoof-fit Gel in place, which creates an optimum skin-contact-time to maximize healing of the Digital Dermatitis. Obviously, to avoid damage to the foot, the Intra Tape needs to be removed!

Additional Information:

The green color of the wraps are easy recognizable to ensure that the wraps are spotted on time for removal. 

Size: 4 inch wide and 5 yards in length.

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