Here’s your access to the “5 steps to trim a cow” infographic

This single-page guide will explain…

  • How to trim a cow in 5 easy steps
  • The 5 steps in easy-to-follow graphics
  • Tips with each step to explain correct hoof trimming

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Foot rot

Dairy cow lameness: Foot rot vs. Hoof rot

The term foot rot or "hoof rot" is one that might be used on your farm to describe a sore foot. Before explaining the...
Antibiotic Danger in Milk

Possible antibiotic residues and claw lesions

Residues becoming a concern? Antibiotic residues has been on the radar for a while. Does it really affect our dairy herds...
Where to Find a Hoof Trimmer

Where Can I Find a Hoof Trimmer?

"WANTED: hoof trimmers! Please contact!" Hoof trimmers are an essential part of dairy cows’ performance. They, myself...
Canadian Non Antibiotic Medication Hoof Care

Intracare BV Hoof-fit Gel Non-Antibiotic Medication for Cattle

Press release February 25, 2016. Intracare BV produces Hoof-fit Gel: the first Canadian non-antibiotic medication for hoof...
7 Tips Combat Cattle Lameness

Seven Tips for the Best Time Management

Lack of time is the number one reason for not having a preventative hoof care plan in place on our farms. However, some...
Footbath Method in Dairy Cattle

Overview of the Cattle Footbath Method on Dairy Farms

A producer recently approached me after starting to question the ultimate success rate of the footbath method and wondering...
3 Factors Excess Hoof Pressure Cattle

3 factors causing excess pressure in the hoof of a dairy cow

Review on the webinar hosted by AHDB Dairy by Prof. Jon Huxley: Watch on YouTube Every farmer has had to deal with lameness...
Cattle Hoof Care Lameness Control Strategies

Lameness Control Strategies: Prevention vs Treatment

I’m sure you’ve run into lameness challenges in the past – or perhaps you’re currently facing some challenges? Or maybe...
Wet Spring Lameness Cows Herd

A Wet Spring and its Impact on Lameness in Cows

A dairy producer recently told me they had a wet spring in their area. This left its mark on the hoof condition of his...
Hoof Trimming Tools

Tools That Make Hoof Trimming Easier

When the subject of hoof care arises, I often hear dairy producers complain about trimming. They tell me they already have...

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