Keep your livestock healthy and happy!

Who we are?

At Diamond Hoof Care, we are passionate about livestock hoof and skin care. Our focus extends to hoof care and skin care in cows, as well as applications for equine, pigs, sheep, and goats. We are dedicated to providing exceptional customer service and proven products that make a difference on Canadian and USA livestock farms.

Our core values drive our company culture

– Aim for the success of others: We collaborate to contribute to our clients’ and the agriculture industry’s success.

– Build open and honest relationships with communication: We prioritize transparency and effective communication to foster trust and strong client relationships.

– Never sacrifice human health for cheap delivery: We ensure the safety and well-being of humans and animals with our products.

– Be creative and open-minded: We embrace innovation to meet evolving hoof and skin care needs.

– Embrace and drive change: We actively pursue positive transformations in hoof care to adapt to industry changes.

– Be passionate and determined: Our enthusiasm and dedication lead us to deliver top-notch products and services.


Started as a hoof-trimming business.


Start of collaboration with Intracare.


Became GMP certified.

Our partnership with Intracare

At Diamond Hoof Care Ltd., we take pride in our partnership with Intracare BV, which dates back to 2006. As their North American partner, we work closely to stay up-to-date on the latest hoof care trends and techniques, with a particular focus on Digital Dermatitis control and hoof trimming developments. 

Our collaboration with Intracare BV means that we have access to cutting-edge research, top-quality hoof care products, and the latest equipment. You can trust that our team of experts is always at the forefront of the industry, delivering the highest level of service and support to our dealers and the livestock industry.

We are honored to be part of Intracare’s dealer network and fully support their commitment to antibiotic-free products. At Diamond Hoof Care Ltd., we share Intracare’s vision for sustainable and responsible farming practices that prioritize animal health and well-being.

Our mission for antibiotic-free hoof care

At Diamond Hoof Care Ltd., we are committed to providing an antibiotic-free approach to hoof care. We strongly believe that this approach not only benefits animal and user health, but it can also improve farmers’ operating results.

Thanks to advancements in the industry, there is now a new generation of pharmaceuticals, veterinary health products, care products, and disinfectants that are effective and sustainable. We are proud to offer these products on our website and encourage you to visit our product page to learn more.

Our dedication to antibiotic-free hoof care is rooted in our passion for responsible and sustainable farming practices. We believe that by prioritizing the well-being of the animals, we can create a healthier and more resilient farming community for generations to come.

Our Global Team Hub

Our headquarters are located in the charming hamlet of Diamond City in Alberta, Canada. While our team members are scattered across the globe, we are proud to serve our extensive North American dealer network from our office and Quebec warehouse.

Our brand promise, “We keep your livestock healthy and happy!” is more than just a catchy slogan – it’s our driving force. Every morning, we wake up eager to serve the needs of our industry and fulfill this promise to our clients.

If this promise excites you as much as it does us, we’d love to connect and discuss how we can work together. At Diamond Hoof Care Ltd., we believe that collaboration is key to promoting the well-being of livestock and improving farming practices, and we look forward to exploring ways to support your business.

Our Commitment to High-Quality Standards

The lesions are most common on the skin of the heels of cattle. That being said, it also occurs in between the two claws (inter-digital space) and the front of the hoof, along the coronary band. Spirochaete bacteria have also been found on sole ulcers and toe necrosis. 

There remain many questions regarding its transmission and the effect of DD on other hoof diseases.   

GMP Certified - Good Manufacturing Practice

At Diamond Hoof Care Ltd., we take pride in our commitment to high-quality standards and accountability. Since 2015, our company has been certified to comply with Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) standards for both our office and warehouse facilities. 

Our company holds multiple registrations for DIN and VHP products as mandated by Health Canada, and our company’s procedures and records are regularly inspected to maintain compliance with these standards. 

We believe that these practices are crucial for the success and well-being of the livestock industry and the larger food chain. As a GMP-certified company, we are dedicated to upholding the highest standards of quality and safety in all aspects of our operations.

News Featuring Diamond Hoof Care

Diamond Hoof Care Ltd is proud to have received recognition and feature in various publications for our commitment to providing quality hoof care and related products to the livestock industry. Here are some of our noteworthy mentions:

  • In 2011, our Intra Bath product received the honour award at the World Ag Expo in Tulare, CA, USA, an event showcasing the latest developments in agricultural technology.
  • Our founder, Koos Vis, and Dr. Emil Sabau were interviewed by the Progressive Dairyman magazine, discussing how veterinarians and hoof trimmers can optimize their collaboration to improve animal welfare and production.
  • Our products have been included in scientific studies, such as this one published in the Journal of Dairy Science, demonstrating the effectiveness of our hoof care solutions.
  • We have been featured in several articles published in various agricultural magazines, including Hoard’s Dairyman and Dairy Herd Management.

At Diamond Hoof Care Ltd, we take pride in our commitment to staying informed of the latest developments in hoof care and skin care in all livestock.

We strive to provide farmers with top-quality hoof care products and hoof trimming tools that improve animal welfare and production while ensuring compliance with industry regulations. Connect with us today to learn more about how we can help you with your hoof care needs.