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  • Superb in lameness control
  • Antibiotic free

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What others are saying

“The knowledge and expertise of Diamond Hoof Care were essential to achieve hoof care success in our herd!” Yannick Blanchette, La Presentation, QC

Dairy Producer, Ferme Richard Blanchette & Fils Inc.

“It is a pleasure working with Diamond Hoof Care because of their knowledgeable staff and great line of products, accessories, delivery and availability.” Jared Brouwer, Blyth, ON

Professional Hoof trimmer, Brouwer Trimming

“The service that Diamond Hoof Care Ltd provides is second to none! Great job, Koos and staff!” Doug Johnstone, Abbotsford, BC

Professional Hoof trimmer, AR-PE Hoof Trimming

“Dedicated people to improve the welfare of the dairy cows and always looking for new ways and new solutions.” Dr. Emil Sabau, Picture Butte AB

Veterinarian, Emil Veterinary Services Ltd

We Strive to Share

Whether it is through our group workshops, personalized one-on-one sessions, or our articles on our blog, we are always looking for new methods and opportunities to share our knowledge and findings with the world (especially our fellow Canadian neighbours).

Possible antibiotic residues and claw lesions

Possible antibiotic residues and claw lesions

Residues becoming a concern? Antibiotic residues has been on the radar for a while. Does it really affect our dairy herds and consumable products? Read on, it's proven to be a potential hazard. Claw lesions, such as those due to Digital Dermatitis (DD, Hairy Heel...

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Meet Intracare in Dublin

Meet Intracare in Dublin

World Buiatrics Congress: Meet Intracare in Dublin from July 3-8, 2016. The World Buiatrics Congress (WBC) is being recognized as the “Olympic Games of conferences” for people who study cattle. (Note: Buiatrics is the study of cattle and their diseases). This congress...

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Repiderma: skin protection in an aerosol can

Repiderma: skin protection in an aerosol can

Animal skin protection is important to the livestock producer. In today's competitive markets, the animals need to stay healthy to be profitable. Cattle farmers, hoof trimmers and veterinarians are now working without antibiotics wherever possible. Our ongoing...

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