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$35.00 – $198.00

Intra Repiderma is the approved Veterinary Health Product (NN.B7V2)

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$232.50 – $906.00

Intra Hoof-fit Gel is the FIRST Canadian non-antibiotic medicine for digital dermatitis treatment.

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Hoof-Sol Spray



Intra Hoof-Sol Spray is approved as Veterinary Health Product (NN.U5D5)

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Should Your Hoof Products List Include Formalin?

Adding formalin (also known as formaldehyde) to the foot bath is believed to make hooves harder. But when lameness is an issue, hoof hardness doesn’t always matter. Before adding formalin to your hoof products shopping list, consider all variables. Our dairy producers...

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The ABC Chart: your guide to the dairy hoof diseases galaxy

When you own a dairy herd, maintaining its hoof health is a constant challenge. However, we have some great news for you: there are ways to control and contain the impact of lameness. To begin with, you have a variety of great products at your disposal to tackle this...

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The Case for Keeping Hoof Trimming Records

They say keeping records is essential for progress. Does it hold true for keeping track of what happened on hoof trimming day?    I say, it sure does! Let me explain. As a hoof trimmer, I used paper copies to share the results of my hoof trimming visit with the...

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