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What is the Proven Treatment for Digital Dermatitis?

What is the Proven Treatment for Digital Dermatitis? Digital dermatitis (also called hairy heel warts, Mortellaro disease, fungus and strawberry foot, or DD for short) is perhaps the most common hoof problem in dairy cattle. It starts as mildly sore feet. In no time,...

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4 Things to Look For on Foot Bath Product Labels

People and animal safety is a must-care-about when the dairy farmer chooses a hoof care product to use in the cow’s foot bath. “The farmer feeds the world” is a phrase that is often used, and consumer’s trust in farm products is the farm’s ultimate promise. Important...

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How to Bandage a Cow’s Foot?

Applying a bandage to a cow's foot is an essential tool for hoof care success. I've applied thousands of them during my trimming years and would like to share different options, to-dos, and viewpoints about using bandages on a cow's hoof. Applying a bandage to treat a...

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Tools That Make Hoof Trimming Easier

When the subject of hoof care arises during on-farm visits, a full to-do list is often shared. Too many chores are already on the farmer’s daily to-do lists. Lameness treatments and hoof trimming aren’t their top priority either. Thus, the following question came to...

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2 Easy Ways to Buy Veterinary Hoof Care Supplies Online

Veterinarians and hoof trimmers are seen as partners in servicing the cattle farmer when it comes to lameness challenges in a herd. In my career as a professional trimmer, I had the privilege of meeting many of the client's veterinarians to discuss a hoof health plan...

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