Hoof Signals


 Hoof Signals is the ultimate resource for farmers, providing practical knowledge and expert advice to manage hoof health effectively. With clear descriptions, colour photographs, and a preventive approach, this comprehensive guide helps prevent lameness and improve productivity.



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Hoof Signals – Your Complete Guide to Hoof Health Management

We understand the vital role that hoof health plays in maintaining the overall well-being and productivity of our cows. Just like feed and feed intake, the health of our cows’ hooves is a crucial factor that directly impacts their performance. When cows suffer from even slight lameness, it affects their eating, drinking, and resting habits, resulting in reduced milk production and increased difficulty in reproduction. Additionally, it requires additional attention and ongoing work to address their hoof health issues.

That’s why we believe every livestock farmer should prioritize constant attention to their cows’ hoof health. From the design and construction of alleyways and barns to the maintenance of cleanliness and dryness, every aspect of hoof management matters. Daily care tasks such as feeding, moving, and treatment of your animals should incorporate measures to promote healthy hooves. By making hoof health an integral part of your routine and focusing on prevention, you can avoid spending excessive time treating lame cows and instead think ahead for better herd management.

The 60-page book, Hoof Signals, is a comprehensive resource that empowers livestock farmers with all the practical knowledge they need to take control of hoof health on their dairy farms. This indispensable book is designed to provide easily understandable descriptions, clear drawings, and a wealth of colour photographs to assist you in effectively managing your cows’ hoof health.

This book is a must-have for all dairy farmers! Clear explanations will help to do routine procedures (like trimming and wrapping) in an effective way” – Koos Vis, professional hoof trimmer.

What are five compelling reasons why you and your team need Hoof Signals?

1. Expert Guidance: Written by the renowned author, Veterinarian Dr. Jan Hulsen from Cow Signals, who possess extensive knowledge and experience in hoof health management. This book is a reliable source of information. The author has a deep understanding of the challenges faced by farmers and offers practical solutions based on proven techniques.

2. Preventive Approach: Hoof Signals emphasizes the importance of prevention in maintaining optimal hoof health. By implementing the strategies outlined in the book, you can reduce the occurrence of hoof problems and minimize the impact on your cows’ well-being and productivity.

3. Comprehensive Coverage: This book covers all aspects of hoof care management, from barn design and alleyway construction to daily care tasks and treatment of hoof-related conditions. It serves as a comprehensive guide, ensuring that you have the necessary knowledge to make informed decisions and take appropriate action.

4. Visual Learning: Hoof Signals stands out with its abundance of colour photographs and clear drawings. These visual aids help you grasp the concepts and techniques more easily, making it a valuable resource for both experienced farmers and newcomers to the field.

5. Enhanced Team Collaboration: By equipping your team with Hoof Signals, you foster a shared understanding and vocabulary when it comes to hoof health management. This facilitates effective communication and collaboration among team members, leading to better outcomes for your farm and herd.

A good manager makes hoof health care an integral part of his work and in his daily, weekly, monthly and annual routine. He also focuses on prevention, so his time is not constantly taken up treating lame cows. He thinks ahead!” – Hoof Signals).

Hoof Signals is an invaluable resource that equips livestock farmers with the practical knowledge needed to manage hoof health on their dairy farms effectively. With its easily understandable descriptions, clear drawings, and abundant colour photographs, this book ensures that you and your team have the tools to prevent and address hoof-related issues. Invest in Hoof Signals today and make hoof health a priority in your daily, weekly, monthly, and annual routine.


Intracare version of Hoof Signals.
60 pages. Published in 2015.

Take a sneak peek into the book by viewing the sample below. (Courtesy from the Cowsignal website)