Registration for your business wholesale account

What are the benefits of a wholesale account for professionals?

  • Eligible for free shipping to your location.
  • Discounts on retail pricing for hoof care products, because you’re the ambassador of our products.
  • Free continued support to help your client’s herd.

Requirements: you have to be a professional Canadian hoof trimmer or veterinarian, and a provider of client-based services. By signing up you agree that we may call you to verify your occupation before your account is activated. We reserve the right to deny your request if we determine that you do not meet these requirements.

Please note that all pricing shown for the products on the website are regular retail prices until you log in as a hoof trimmer or veterinarian, which you can do once the account is active. Details will follow in the email that will be sent to you after registration.

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All information is kept confidential. By registering you allow us to send you emails to verify your account.