Hoof Sol Spray


Hoof Sol Spray is a high-quality product designed to promote and maintain healthy hooves in cows. This easy-to-use spray effectively combats common hoof issues while supporting overall hoof health. It is formulated to stick to hooves, providing long-lasting protection and support.

Hoof Sol Spray is a high-quality product designed to promote and maintain healthy hooves in cows.
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Hoof Sol Spray: Ready-to-Spray Solution for Healthy Hooves

The Hoof Sol Spray product comes in 2 variations:

  • Regular: for use in regular sprayers.
  • Robot: for use in automatic or robotic sprayers.

For both variations, the product comes in a 20-liter jug and does not have to be mixed with water. Most sprayers are compatible, and we also have happy robot farmers using them in their automatic sprayers. For example, the farmer in this case study uses Hoof Sol Spray with a Bovibooster. The product adheres well and has a long contact time with the skin and hoof. Overall, it maintains, supports, and promotes healthy hooves and dermis. Approved as a VHP, antibiotic-free. (NN.U5D5)

Why use Intra Hoof Sol Spray in your spraying method?

There are many benefits of using Intra Hoof Sol Spray in your spraying method. One of its unique features is its strong adhesion power, which is achieved through the use of a ‘pearl network’. This network helps to keep the active substances in the solution homogeneous, ensuring that the product sticks firmly to the hoof. When spot-sprayed onto the hoof, the product guarantees a long contact time at a lower dosage, and it adheres excellently even on wet skin or hoof. By using Intra Hoof Sol Spray, you can reduce the amount of waste caused by run-off on the floor. It is also an instant ready-to-spray solution for all spraying systems.

Dairy farms have been exploring alternative methods to replace or enhance the footbath technique. Along with individual low-pressure spraying sessions using a low-pressure Matabi applicator or other automatic sprayers, whole-herd protocols have become increasingly popular. These protocols involve utilizing sprayers in milking parlours and robots. Intra Hoof Sol Spray is a versatile solution that can be used in all of these applications, regardless of the season.

The Hoof Sol Spray has the following advantages:

  • Ready-to-use – no mixing required!
  • Early lameness detection – more focus on hooves with weekly spraying sessions.
  • 100 % clean solution – each hoof gets product uncontaminated by the hooves of other cows.
  • Environmentally friendly – good adhesion helps reduce product dosage and minimize run-off on the floor.
  • Safe to use – no formalin, antibiotics, acids, or offensive smell.
  • Easy product detection – the stickiness and the green colour ensure that no hoof is accidentally omitted.
  • Optimum viscosity – the good flowability of the product prevents blockages of the spraying nozzle.

How can I apply Hoof Sol Spray to the hoof of a cow?

The Matabi applicator is composed of sturdy components and has a consistent track record of performance. For optimal results with the Intra Hoof Sol Spray, it is advised to utilize the Matabi applicator or any automated sprayer. If dealing with large herds, our semi-automatic sprayer, the Intra Spray-fit, is an excellent choice due to its consistent pressure and ability of handling multiple sprayers.

What protocol do we follow to achieve success with hoof health in our herd?

If you notice that your cows are experiencing lameness problems, it’s crucial to provide them with the necessary care and attention. We suggest seeking the help of a professional hoof trimmer to treat your animals before attempting any spraying or foot bathing methods. To promote and sustain healthy hooves, consider using the Hoof Sol Spray. If your cows are suffering from Digital Dermatitis, it is recommended to use Intra Hoof-fit Gel for treatment. This gel is registered as a medicine in Canada and can effectively treat the condition.

Can we use the Hoof Sol Spray on organic farms?

Our product is approved for use in organic farming. To register, please contact your certifier or reach out to our office for assistance.

Directions for use:

  • Do not dilute this ready-to-use product
  • If necessary, rinse the hooves and interdigital spaces with water to enhance skin contact.
  • Apply Intra Hoof Sol Spray on the back and in the interdigital spaces of the hind legs using the Matabi low-pressure applicator or any automated sprayer.
  • Use Intra Hoof Sol Spray once per week. (Twice per week is recommended to get started)

We recommend using our Intra Hoof Sol Bath in conjunction with the weekly spraying sessions to optimize hoof health management.

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