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Demotec Easy Bloc


Complete ready to use kit


What is the Demotec Easy Bloc?

The Demotec Easy Bloc is an innovative system for hoof care. With German development and production behind it, the Easy Bloc is further designed to minimize lameness. It also provides a fast, easy-to-use and safe "cure" at a very reasonable cost. Blocking in dairy cows is a common way to treat lame cows. You can read more about it in our blog post about hoof blocks A plastic slip-on “shoe” fits onto the healthy claw. This consequently takes the weight off the affected (lame) claw, providing immediate relief of pain and a substantial increase in milk production.


  • Flexible sidewall: allows proper fit for a wide variety of hoof sizes and shapes.
  • Unique sole design: provides greater stability.
  • Green colour: allows for easy identification of treated cows.
  • The Easy Bloc Express resin cures within 2-3 minutes. Also, at cold temperatures, it sets with double the speed.

The XXL Version fits perfectly for the claws of large cows.

demotec easy bloc regular shoe
Normal size:
Best use for medium sized animals 13 cm outer length | 11 cm inner length

demotec easy bloc xxl shoe
XXL size: Best use for large animals 15 cm outer length | 13 cm inner length

In addition to the above features, Easy Bloc is designed in conjunction with Dr. Adrian Gonzalez, bearing in mind the anatomy of a hoof.

What's in the kit

Each Demotec Easy Bloc kit contains the following items:

  • 6 or 18 Easy Bloc - right
  • 6 or 18 Easy Bloc - left
  • Powder for Easy Bloc Express (500 g)
  • Liquid for Easy Bloc Express (250 mL)
  • Spatulas

Watch the Demotec Easy Bloc in action

YouTube video

Available parts

We also offer individual Demotec Easy Bloc Express refills. These can be ordered through the options menu on this page.

  • Liquid for Demotec Easy Bloc Express (250 mL bottle)
  • Powder for Demotec Easy Bloc Express (500 g)
  • Demotec plastic shoe - available orientations: left and right; available sizes: regular and XXL.

Additional information

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A

Kit, Liquid only, Powder only, Shoe only


Regular, XXL, 250 mL bottle, 500 g bottle


12 count, 36 count, N/A

Claw Side

Left and Right, Left, Right, N/A