Bovi Booster

As more and more producers consider placing robotic milkers in their barns, Hoof Care becomes challenging due to the different cow flow in the barn. Following is information from the Blanchette family farm (La Presentation Holstein) in Quebec in November 2013. After building a new barn with robots, they added a Bovi Booster in every robot to spray the back hooves every milking. I’d like to share this innovation with you because of the great principle of the idea: clean solution/water for every cow.

Why use Hoof-Sol Bath Solution in this robotic sprayer?

  • Safe for the animal, user and the environment.
  • Non antibiotic and neutral pH.
  • Achieve great management results by using the complete Hoof Sol program: contact us today on how our product line will help you to score results and make $$.

View a short video on spraying application:

Final note: Spraying is only a small but important part of the total hoof health management protocol. When lameness is detected, the herd’s preventive method has failed and should be reviewed.

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‘Lameness is an incident, never a destination’

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