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Hoof-Sol Spray


Intra Hoof-Sol Spray is approved as Veterinary Health Product (NN.U5D5) 

For best experience use the MATABI Sprayer and the Intra Spray-fit.



Intra Hoof-Sol Spray is the ready-to-spray solution for hooves and an approved Veterinary Health Product to maintain, support, and promote healthy hooves and dermis (NN.U5D5) 

  • Ready-to-spray
  • Compatible with most spraying systems
  • Strong adhesion
  • Long contact time
  • Maintains, supports, and promotes healthy hooves and dermis

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Directions for use:

  • Do not dilute this ready-to-use product
  • If necessary, rinse the hooves and interdigital spaces with water to enhance skin contact.
  • Apply Intra Hoof-Sol Spray on the back and in the interdigital spaces of the hind legs using the Matabi low-pressure applicator or any automated sprayer.
  • Use Intra Hoof-Sol Spray once per week. (Twice per week is recommended to get.

We recommend using our Intra Hoof-Sol Bath in conjunction with the weekly spraying sessions to optimize hoof health management.

Why using Intra Hoof-Sol Spray in your spraying method?

Strong adhesion power

The unique development is a specially created ‘pearl-network’ that keeps the active substances homogeneous in solution and ensures that the product sticks firmly to the hoof. Spot-spraying on the hoof guarantees long contact time at a lower dosage. Adhesion is excellent even on wet skin or hoof. Using Intra Hoof-Sol Spray reduces the waste caused by run-off on the floor.

Instant ready-to-spray for all spraying systems

In recent years, dairy farms have been looking for alternatives to replace or expand the footbath method. Besides individual spraying sessions with a low-pressure Matabi applicator or another automatic sprayer, whole-herd protocols have been gaining in popularity. The latter involves using sprayers in milking robots and milking parlors. Intra Hoof-Sol Spray is developed for use in all of these applications and works in all seasons.

The Intra Hoof-Sol Spray has the following advantages:

  • Ready-to-use – no mixing required!
  • Early lameness detection - more focus on hooves with weekly spraying sessions.
  • 100 % clean solution – each hoof gets product uncontaminated by the hooves of other cows.
  • Environmentally friendly – good adhesion helps reduce product dosage and minimize run-off on the floor.
  • Safe to use – no formalin, antibiotics, acids, or offensive smell.
  • Easy product detection – the stickiness and the green color ensure that no hoof is accidentally omitted.
  • Optimum viscosity – the good flowability of the product prevents blockages of the spraying nozzle.

The Matabi applicator is built of durable parts and has a consistent usage reputation. The use of the Matabi applicator or any automated sprayer is recommended for the best experience with the Intra Hoof-Sol Spray

Cows with lameness issues need special care and attention. Use a professional hoof trimmer to treat your animals before implementing a spraying and/or foot bathing protocol.

Additional information

Weight 52.9 lbs
Dimensions 10.2 × 9.1 × 15.4 in