Clean water for every hoof!


Robotic milking – How do we manage hoof care sprayer?

Robotic milking is the ‘IN’ in the 21st century, but how to manage hoof care?

The milking parlors are replaced with robot milkers and the way we handle cows is changed (and will continue to change).

Perhaps you have or are considering robotic milkers? Most familiar choices are DeLaval VMSLely Astronaut or GEA DairyRobot ,etc.

In our hoof care business, I came across many solutions and inventions and one of them is the Bovibooster.

Let me explain the Bovibooster – perhaps it is the solution for you!

As more and more producers consider placing robotic milkers in their barns, hoof care management becomes challenging due to the different cow flow in the barn and the changing workflows.

The Blanchette family farm (La Presentation Holstein) in Quebec embraced the robotic milkers in November 2013. After building a new barn with robots, they added a Bovibooster in every robot to spray the back hooves every milking… and they have never regretted it!

I’d like to share this innovation from the Bovibooster because of the great principle idea:

Clean solution for every hoof – every time – every day!

The Bovibooster washes the cow’s hooves after she has entered the milking robot and the application with Hoof-Sol SPRAY Robot is activated after the milking is finished and the teat dip has been applied.

Among the key advantages for the Bovibooster are:

  • Low water consumption (1-2 litres per cow)
  • Clean water for each cow
  • Adjustable nozzles

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Bovibooster wash Washing cycle (Picture obtained from the Bovibooster website)

See Bovibooster in action

Why should we use Hoof-Sol SPRAY in robotic milking?

Robotic milking is here to stay and solutions to any challenges are still evolving. One of the challenges is hoof care – how do we manage hoof care when we don’t handle cows in the familiar milking parlours? The Bovibooster and the Hoof-Sol SPRAY Robot are definitely a great invention to help the farmer with the hoof care prevention strategy.

Additional benefits for Hoof-Sol SPRAY Robot are:

  • The Hoof-Sol SPRAY Robot is registered with Health Canada under the Veterinary Health Product program.
  • The product is safe to use for the animal, user and the environment.
  • Clean product will be sprayed on every hoof. No cross-contamination.
  • This product provides a non-antibiotic approach with a neutral pH.

Achieve great management results by using the complete Hoof-Sol program: contact our dealers today on how our product line will help you to score results and saves $$.

Hoof-Sol Spray Robot

Using Bovibooster in the Lely Meteor

The Bovibooster technology is now installed in the Lely Meteor. If you own a Lely robot, please contact your dealer for the hoof spraying application. The Hoof-Sol SPRAY Robot is applied after washing the compatible hooves in all Bovibooster (also the Lely Meteor) applications and is available through most dairy suppliers and route drivers.

Confidence in a Robotic Future

You should be aware that hoof spraying is only a small (but important) part of the total hoof health management protocol. When lameness is detected, the herd’s preventive method has failed and should be reviewed. Hoof trimming frequency is important to stay ahead of the lameness problems.

For more information on hoof care challenges, read our blog and for the purchase of Hoof-Sol products, please contact our dealers or contact us using the form below.

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