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The Hoof-Sol Bath is an effective foot bath solution that helps prevent digital dermatitis and supports optimal hoof conditions in cows. Follow the proven Intra Protocol for best results.

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Hoof-Sol Bath – Keep Your Cows’ Hooves Healthy and Happy

The Hoof-Sol Bath is a revolutionary foot bath solution designed to promote optimal hoof health and prevent hoof problems in cows. Developed by Intracare, a trusted name in the field of hoof care, this antibiotic-free, formalin-free, and copper sulphate-free product offers a safe and effective solution for maintaining the well-being of your herd. With its unique formulation and user-friendly properties, the Hoof-Sol Bath ensures the comfort of your cows while providing long-lasting benefits.

Intra Hoof-Sol Bath is for use in a foot bath. The product is an approved Veterinary Health Product to maintain, support, and promote healthy hooves and dermis (NN.M4X0).

What are the key benefits?

1. Maintains Good Hoof Condition: The Hoof-Sol Bath is specifically formulated to keep cow hooves in excellent condition. It contains conditioning ingredients that nourish and strengthen the claws, ensuring the overall health and stability of the hooves.

2. Sting-Free and Stress-Free: Unlike traditional foot baths, the Hoof-Sol Bath is gentle on the hooves and does not cause any discomfort or stinging sensation to the cows. This helps minimize stress, ensuring a calm and relaxed bathing experience for your animals.

3. Extended Contact Time: With its non-corrosive and non-hazardous nature, the Hoof-Sol Bath is safe to use in front of the milking parlour. By exposing the hooves to the solution before entering the parlour, the product remains on the hooves during milking, resulting in an extended contact time and enhanced effectiveness.

4. Cost-Effective and Easy to Use: The Hoof-Sol Bath is a cost-effective solution that mixes readily with water. Its strong adhesive properties ensure efficient coverage and maximum effectiveness, saving you time and resources. Additionally, the product is user-friendly and does not emit any fumes or unpleasant smells.

5. Environmentally Friendly: The Hoof-Sol Bath is not only safe for your cows but also kind to the environment. It is a legal (registered in Canada as a VHP) and organic-approved product, free from harmful substances such as copper sulphate and formalin. By choosing the Hoof Sol Bath, you contribute to sustainable hoof care practices. This product is approved to be used in organic farming – contact your certifier to register or contact our office.

Please note that the Hoof-Sol Bath should be used as a preventative measure to maintain healthy hooves and minimize the risk of hoof problems. In case digital dermatitis has already occurred, a curative treatment approach is necessary, and treatment with Intra Hoof-fit Gel is recommended.

Invest in the Hoof-Sol Bath, a trusted product from Intracare’s effective hoof care range. Developed in close cooperation with dairy farmers, veterinarians, hoof-trimmers, and cattle specialists, this innovative foot bath solution has undergone rigorous field testing to ensure its efficacy and safety. Say goodbye to traditional foot bath products and embrace a healthier, more sustainable approach to hoof care.

**Note:** The Hoof-Sol Bath is recommended to be used in conjunction with the Intra Bath, which offers numerous advantages over traditional foot baths.

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What is the recommended amount of Hoof-Sol Bath concentrate to use in a foot bath?

To properly disinfect cow hooves, it’s recommended to use a footbath solution with a 5% concentration of product in water. The most common footbath volume is around 150 litres, which should be sufficient for 250 to 300 cow passes, and this size bath uses 7.5 litres of product. When administering the footbath, make sure the hooves are fully submerged, covering the hairline and the dewclaws, which is approximately 12-15 cm.

What are the directions for the use of the Hoof-Sol Bath?

To ensure optimal results and hoof health, it is recommended to follow the Intra Protocol when using the Hoof-Sol Bath. This protocol emphasizes individual care for lame cows before transitioning to a maintenance tool like the Hoof-Sol Bath. This approach has been widely proven and implemented worldwide. For herds that are transitioning from harsh chemicals, it is advised to use the Hoof-Sol Bath for two consecutive days per week for a duration of one month. Following this initial period, the frequency can be reduced to one day per week for ongoing maintenance. By adhering to this protocol, you can effectively support the well-being of your cows’ hooves and achieve long-term hoof health.

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