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Intra Eco Tape is an eco-friendly and cost-efficient hoof wrap for optimal hoof health management.

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Intra Eco Tape: The Next Generation of Hoof Care Products

Intra Eco Tape is an innovative hoof wrap that assists in optimal hoof health management—recommended to use with Hoof-fit Gel, Canada’s first medicine to treat digital dermatitis. Intra Eco Tape is the new degradable tape that is perfect for dairy farmers and horse lovers who care about performance and the environment. Unlike traditional synthetic hoof bandages that end up in waste containers, manure pits, or on the field, Intra Eco Tape is bio-degradable and ecologically packed without plastics.

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Features and Benefits

  • Bio-degradable: Intra Eco Tape is made from materials that are biodegradable, making it an eco-friendly choice for hoof care.
  • Good stretchability, easy-tear and great adhesive properties: Intra Eco Tape is easy to use and provides a secure fit for your animals. The tape has good stretchability, making it easy to apply and remove.
  • Soft fit to avoid cutting into the skin: Intra Eco Tape is designed to be soft and gentle on your animal’s hooves, providing a comfortable fit that won’t cut into their skin.
  • Apply up to 4 hooves with one roll: With Intra Eco Tape, you can apply up to 4 hooves with just one roll, making it a cost-effective and efficient choice for hoof care.
  • Ecologically packed without plastics: Intra Eco Tape is packed without plastics, making it an environmentally conscious choice for your farm or stable.
  • No chemical colouring: Intra Eco Tape is free from chemical colouring, ensuring that your animals and the environment are safe from harmful chemicals.

Why Choose Intra Eco Tape?

Intra Eco Tape is the future of hoof care. Its bio-degradable materials, great adhesive properties, and soft fit provide your animals with a reliable and eco-friendly solution. By choosing Intra Eco Tape, you’re not only taking care of your animals but also taking care of the environment.

Don’t settle for traditional synthetic hoof bandages that harm the environment. Choose Intra Eco Tape for a better future.

Order now and experience the benefits of Intra Eco Tape for yourself.

Why Do We Wrap A Dairy Cow’s Hoof?

Bandaging a dairy cow’s hoof is often done to treat digital dermatitis, a common hoof disease. The bandage helps keep topical treatments (Intra Hoof-fit Gel) in place for a sufficient period to allow them to work. Without a bandage, topical treatments may be removed by bedding material or manure, and the treated lesion can become re-infected. The bandage also provides a biocontainment barrier to reduce the risk of cross-infection and protect the recovering lesion from chemicals and materials in the farm environment.

However, bandages must be checked and removed at a set time. For the Hoof-fit Gel treatment, the bandage needs to be removed in 3-4 days, and the healing progress checked. Proper hoof care management will prevent bandage injuries and prolonged moisture on the cow’s foot.

Why Do We Bandage A Horse’s Hoof?

Bandaging a horse’s hoof is a common practice in the equine world. It is usually done when a horse is dealing with a medical condition in its foot, experiencing tenderness in the hoof, or has thrown a shoe. In such cases, horse owners or handlers can wrap the horse’s hoof until the veterinarian or farrier can come out and assess the issue. Wrapping the hoof can provide a cushion for the horse’s sole, hold medication against the bottom of the horse’s hoof, and protect the hoof from further damage.

To wrap a horse’s hoof, one needs to pack the hoof with any medication or ointment needed when its hoof is wrapped, apply a thick base layer, and secure it with vet wrap. An outer layer of duct tape is then applied to keep moisture out of the bandage. It is important to replace the bandage every 24 hours to allow the hoof to breathe. Bandaging a horse’s hoof can be temporary until a veterinarian or farrier can assess and treat the issue.

Why Choose Eco-Friendly Bandage?

Intra Eco Tape is designed with the environment in mind. Every year, millions of synthetic hoof bandages are used worldwide on lame cows, resulting in significant amounts of non-biodegradable waste in our environment, including waste containers, manure pits, and fields. With Intra Eco Tape, we are taking a significant stride towards sustainability. This eco-friendly tape not only reduces the environmental impact but also minimizes challenges for farmers dealing with manure mixers, slurry injectors, and waste management in the fields.

In addition to its ecological benefits, Intra Eco Tape provides excellent value for money. While most bandage rolls are typically enough for 2-3 hooves, one roll of Intra Eco Tape treats an average of 3-4 hooves. This means that users can enjoy extended usage and cost savings without compromising on quality or effectiveness.

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Size: 10 cm wide and 5+ meters in length.

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Box of 12 rolls, Case of 12 boxes (144 rolls)