Hoof Treatment Plier


Discover the Hoof Treatment Plier, the ultimate tool for efficient and precise hoof care. Effortlessly spread claws and apply treatments with ease. Elevate your hoof care routine today!


Hoof Treatment Plier $22.00
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The Perfect Tool for Optimal Hoof Care

Are you a farmer or livestock owner in need of a reliable and efficient solution for hoof treatment? Look no further than this professional tool. This innovative tool is designed to make the task of hoof care easier, ensuring healthier hooves and happier animals. With its exceptional features and benefits, it is the ultimate choice for any farmer seeking top-notch hoof treatment.

Key Benefits of the Hoof Treatment Plier

1. Effortless Claw Spreading: Say goodbye to the struggles of spreading the space between the two claws during hoof treatment. Our plier is ingeniously crafted to provide easy and precise claw spreading, enabling you to apply products such as Repiderma comfortably. This feature significantly enhances the effectiveness and efficiency of your hoof care routine.

2. Superior Control and Grip: The Hoof Treatment Plier is designed with your comfort in mind. This small plier fits easily in your hand, allowing you to maintain complete control during each application. With improved control, you can accurately target the affected areas and provide your livestock with the care they deserve.

3. Versatile Application: Our plier is a multi-purpose tool suitable for a variety of hoof treatment tasks. Whether you need to spread the claws for inspection or apply Repiderma, this plier is your go-to solution. It streamlines your hoof care routine and saves you valuable time and effort.

Why Choose the Hoof Treatment Plier?

The Hoof Treatment Plier is a must-have tool for every farmer who values efficient and effective hoof care. By investing in this small tool, you gain access to effortless claw spreading for proper diagnosis and care. Don’t settle for subpar hoof care tools when you can experience the unparalleled benefits of the Hoof Treatment Plier. Order yours today and take your hoof care routine to the next level!

How do we use the Hoof Treatment Plier?

The plier is exclusively designed for Intra Repiderma and allows you to make room between the hooves for easy application of the Repiderma. Using the Hoof Treatment Plier is easy:

Hoof Treatment Plier How to Use Step 1: clean and open the area with the plier.
Hoof Treatment Plier How to Use Step 2: spray the Repiderma, keeping the nozzle at 15 cm.
Hoof Treatment Plier How to Use Step 3: follow-up when necessary.