Intra Inspection Mirror


The Intra Inspection Mirror is equipped with a dual-LED light. This innovative tool allows for a safe and thorough examination of the udder cleft area, ensuring early detection of skin issues and promoting optimal animal welfare and milk quality.

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Intra Inspection Mirror: Ensuring Udder Health for Happy and Productive Cows

Udder health plays a vital role in the overall well-being and productivity of dairy cows. That’s why we have developed the Intra Inspection Mirror, a revolutionary tool designed to provide a safe and effective way to examine the udder cleft area without causing any harm or discomfort to the cows.

The udder cleft area, located between the front teats and at the transition of the front quarters and the abdominal wall, is susceptible to various skin problems. These issues are often diagnosed during milking or hoof trimming and tend to be more prevalent in older cows, regardless of the stage of lactation. Unfortunately, udder skin challenges have not received extensive research attention, leading to the underestimated prevalence and potential consequences.

By utilizing the Intra Inspection Mirror, dairy farmers can gain valuable insights into the udder cleft area, detecting potential skin problems at an early stage. Equipped with a dual-LED light, this advanced mirror effectively eliminates dark areas under the cow, ensuring a clear and well-illuminated view. Early detection is key to mitigating the negative impact of udder skin issues on animal welfare, milk production, milk quality, and the risk of premature culling.

Our field trials, coupled with on-farm experiences, have highlighted the importance of regular udder inspections and the significant benefits they offer. Farms utilizing milking robots are particularly prone to underestimating udder cleft incidence, making it crucial to incorporate regular inspections into the farm routine. The Intra Inspection Mirror, with its telescopic design, allows easy access to examine the udders of all animals, ensuring comprehensive monitoring of udder health.

What are the key features?

1. Safe and Gentle: The Intra Inspection Mirror enables careful examination of the udder cleft area without causing any harm or discomfort to the cows.
2. Dual-LED Light: Equipped with a powerful dual-LED light, this mirror eliminates dark areas, providing optimal visibility for accurate inspection.
3. Early Detection: Detecting udder skin issues at an early stage is important, and the Intra Inspection Mirror allows for timely detection, minimizing the negative impact on animal welfare, milk production, and quality.
4. Telescopic Design: With a telescopic handle, the mirror offers easy access to udders, ensuring thorough examinations for all animals, including those in farms with milking robots.

Prevention plan for udder health

  1. Clean and dry the udder cleft skin.
  2. Inspect the udder cleft with the mirror.
  3. Evenly cover with Intra Repiderma spray from a distance of ±15 cm at least every other day until completely normal.

Invest in the Intra Inspection Mirror and make udder health a top priority on your farm. By proactively monitoring and addressing udder skin challenges, you can enhance animal welfare, maximize milk production, maintain milk quality, and safeguard the longevity of your valuable cows. Ensure a healthy udder, and your cows will reward you with their best performance.

Udder Cleft Skin Prevention Plan

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