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The Intra Bath replacement tub fits the Intra Bath foot bath. This foot bath has been delivering great results and profits.

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The Intra Tub is a replacement tub that fits your current Intra Bath. The Intra Bath replacement tub is made of durable plastic to get the job done.

Packaging for this item:

  • 1 Intra Bath replacement tub

Usage Tips:

  • Weekly foot bathing regimens are recommended to control and monitor hoof health.
  • The Intra Bath is designed to work with the Hoof Sol Bath solution.


  • Three separate parts with easy assembly.
  • Less pollution (manure) in bath because of the grill.
  • Easy to fill, empty and clean.
  • More economical to use than other foot baths.
  • 35% guaranteed savings of foot bath product.
  • Double walled plastic tubs with handles for easy handling.

Additional Information:

  • Also consider the great preventative procedure: the weekly or bi-weekly spraying habit to ensure proper and timely focus on the overall hoof health in the herd.
  • Once a lame cow is detected, it is advised to treat the individual cow rather than to continue with a foot bath method.
  • This product comes with a limited one year (or 30,000 cow-passes) manufacturing warranty. Contact our office for details.
  • For more information, check out the product page for our Intra Bath, or click on the button below to read more in our leaflet.


Additional information

Weight 30 lbs
Dimensions 92 x 15 x 15 in


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