Tub for Intra Bath – EA


The Intra Bath replacement tub fits the Intra Bath foot bath. This foot bath has been delivering great results and profits.

The Intra Tub is a replacement tub that fits your current Intra Bath. The Intra Bath replacement tub is made of durable plastic to get the job done.

Packaging for this item

  • 1 Intra Bath replacement tub


Compared to traditional foot baths, the Intra Bath has the following advantages:

  • More profitability: Intra Bath requires 30% less product compared to a traditional bath of equivalent length.
  • More contact time due to extended length: each cow takes an extra step in the bath solution.
  • Less pollution: more than 60% of the manure falls through the center grill and not into the bath solution.
  • Three separate parts with easy assembly.
  • Environmentally friendly: requires less product per treatment.
  • Easy to handle: the bath is easy to fill, empty and clean.
  • Durability: double walled plastic with 4 handles on each tub and a stainless steel grill.

Usage tips

  • Weekly foot bathing regimens are recommended to control and monitor hoof health. 

Additional information

  • Once you detect a lame cow, we advise to treat the individual cow rather than continuing a foot bath method.
  • This product comes with a limited one year (or 30,000 cow-passes) manufacturing warranty. Contact our office for details.