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The Intra Bath is designed for dairy farmers, providing an innovative and effective foot bathing solution. With reduced pollution, easy maintenance, and superior performance, it’s the 1st choice in foot bathing.

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Intra Bath: The Ultimate Solution for Foot Bathing on Dairy Farms

Proper hoof care protocols are a must-have on every dairy farm. Individual care and treatment with Intra Hoof-fit Gel is the place where we should start to gain proven success – quickly. Hoof spraying with Hoof Sol Spray and foot bathing are critical aspects of maintaining optimal hoof health for dairy farmers. However, one of the biggest challenges they face is the rapid pollution of the foot bath with manure, leading to contaminated baths for the last cows to walk through. But worry no more because the Intra Bath is here to revolutionize your foot bathing routine.

Why do we foot-bath cows?

Foot bathing cows is essential for preventing lameness, a common issue in dairy farming. Lameness can have detrimental effects on cow health, productivity, and overall farm profitability. By incorporating a regular foot bathing regimen, you can effectively control and manage hoof-related problems, ensuring the well-being of your cows and maintaining a healthy herd.

Discover the Unique Benefits of the Intra Bath

This foot bath stands out as the preferred choice for dairy farmers seeking an efficient and effective foot bathing solution. Here’s what makes it truly exceptional:

Unmatched Effectiveness. Unlike traditional foot baths, the Intra Bath boasts a remarkable design that addresses the issue of pollution head-on. With a middle grill that allows 60% of manure to fall through, this innovative bath ensures a significantly cleaner bathing environment for your cows. The result? Improved hoof hygiene and better protection against potential infections and diseases.

The Perfect Companion. For optimal results, we recommend using our exclusive Intra Hoof Sol Bath solution in conjunction with this foot bath. This powerful combination offers a proven return on investment, providing a safe and sustainable approach to preventing lameness. Simply use a 5% concentration of Intra Hoof Sol Bath for a robust defence against hoof-related issues.

Five Compelling Reasons to Choose Intra Bath

1. Convenient Assembly: The Intra Bath is designed with three separate parts, ensuring easy and hassle-free assembly: no complicated processes or additional tools are required.

2. Reduced Pollution: The Intra Bath’s intelligent design significantly minimizes manure pollution in the bath. By keeping the bath cleaner for longer periods, you can extend the usability of your footbath solution, maximizing its effectiveness.

3. User-Friendly Maintenance: Filling, emptying, and cleaning the bath is a breeze. Its user-friendly features simplify these tasks, saving you valuable time and effort.

4. Eco-Friendly Solution: We care about the environment, which is why the Intra Bath is designed to be less harmful to nature. By minimizing pollution and promoting sustainable practices, we aim to contribute to a greener future.

5. Economically Efficient: With the Intra Bath, you not only save money on costly footbath solution refills but also reduce the overall cost of managing hoof health. This practical solution offers long-term financial benefits for your dairy farm.

Foot Bath Frequency: Optimal Usage Recommendations

To maintain optimal hoof health, we recommend running a foot bath regularly – once per week or twice every other week. However, the ideal frequency may vary depending on several factors, such as herd size, farm conditions, and individual cow requirements. Consult with your veterinarian or hoof health professional to determine the most suitable foot bath schedule for your specific circumstances.

Are Replacement Tubs Available?

Yes, they are. We understand that accidents happen and components may wear out over time. For your convenience, replacement tubs for the foot bath are available by special order. Simply contact our customer support team or your local dealer, and they will assist you in acquiring the necessary parts to keep your foot bathing routine uninterrupted. These replacement parts can be found under Tub for Intra Bath.

What items are included with the Intra Bath?

The Intra Bath comes complete with all the essential components you need. Each package includes the following items:

1. Two HD Plastic Tubs: These high-density plastic tubs serve as the main containers for the foot bath solution. Designed to be durable and resistant to wear and tear, these tubs provide a reliable and long-lasting solution for your foot bathing needs.

2. One Stainless Steel Grill: The Intra Bath package also includes a high-quality stainless steel grill. This grill is strategically placed in the middle of the tubs to allow 60% of manure to fall through, ensuring a cleaner foot bath environment for your cows.

With these components, you can assemble the Intra Bath easily and start implementing a more efficient and hygienic foot bathing routine for your dairy herd.

Choose the Intra Bath today, and experience the difference in hoof hygiene and cow welfare. Say goodbye to contaminated foot baths and embrace a more effective and efficient approach to foot bathing with the Intra Bath—the 1st choice in foot bathing for dairy farmers.


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