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Discover Eco Bath’s organic and efficient solution for maintaining healthy hooves and controlling lameness. Its unique composition, combined with the freshness of green, delivers the benefits needed for optimal hoof care.

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Introducing Intra Eco-Bath: Footbathing to a Fresh and Green Future

Are you looking for an effective hoof bath solution that aligns with the principles of organic farming? Look no further than the Intra Eco-Bath, a revolutionary product designed to maintain and support healthy hooves and dermis. With its natural ingredients and innovative features, it’s time to experience the organic alternative in foot bathing methods in dairy herds. Intra Eco-Bath is an approved Veterinary Health Product to maintain, support, and promote healthy hooves and dermis (NN.V2L2).

Key Benefits of the Intra Eco-Bath:

1. Long-lasting Activity: this solution offers prolonged effectiveness that ensures your cow’s hooves receive the care they need for an extended period. Say goodbye to frequent applications and hello to efficient hoof maintenance. We supply pH testing strips to ensure lasting performance.

2. Lameness Maintenance < 5%: Lameness can be a significant concern for farmers, impacting the overall well-being and productivity of their livestock. In our Intra Protocol, we use Hoof-fit Gel, Hoof Sol Spray and Hoof Sol Bath to achieve results. With the Intra Eco-Bath as an alternative product, you can effectively manage lameness and keep it below 5%, promoting the health and mobility of your animals.

3. Unique Organic Composition: Intra Eco-Bath stands out with its exceptional organic composition. It incorporates chelated zinc and mild organic acids to provide a comprehensive hoof care solution that nurtures and protects the hooves. Give your animals the care they deserve while maintaining your commitment to organic farming practices. This product is approved to be used in organic farming – contact your certifier to register or contact our office.

4. Strong Adhesion for Fresh Green Hooves: When your livestock passes through the Intra Eco-Bath, their hooves are left with a fresh green colour. This distinctive coloration serves as a visual indicator, clearly showing which hooves have been treated. With strong adhesion, the product ensures thorough coverage and effective results.

5. Safe and Friendly for Biogas Manure Digester: The Intra Eco-Bath has been carefully formulated to be safe for various aspects of your farm’s ecosystem. Whether it’s the biogas manure digester, your cows, or yourself as the farmer, you can trust that this product prioritizes safety and friendliness for all stakeholders.

What is the recommended amount of Intra Eco-Bath concentrate to use in a foot bath?

To properly disinfect cow hooves, it’s recommended to use a footbath solution with a 5% concentration of product in water. The most common footbath volume is around 150 litres, which should be sufficient for 250 to 300 cow passes, and this size bath uses 7.5 litres of product. When administering the footbath, make sure the hooves are fully submerged covering the hairline and the dewclaws, which is approximately 12-15 cm.

What are the directions for the use of the Hoof Sol Bath?

To ensure optimal results and hoof health, it is recommended to follow the Intra Protocol. This protocol emphasizes individual care for lame cows before transitioning to a maintenance tool like the Hoof Sol Bath. After the herd is under control, the Intra Eco-Bath may be used as an alternative in a foot bath rotation. This approach has been widely proven and implemented worldwide. For herds that are transitioning from harsh chemicals, it is advised to use the Hoof Sol Bath for two consecutive days per week for a duration of one month. Following this initial period, the frequency can be reduced to one day per week for ongoing maintenance. By adhering to this protocol, you can effectively support the well-being of your cows’ hooves and achieve long-term hoof health.


Why use Intra Eco-Bath in the footbath method?

The Intra Eco-Bath is designed to stay active for a longer time, even after pollution with manure and urine. Even after 287 cows pass through the bath, the pH is below 4.0. Additionally, we designed the Intra Bath to avoid much of the contamination by adding the grill in between the two tubs.

Intra Eco-Bath comes with pH test strips, which allow you to easily and quickly check the quality of your bath.

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