The WrapAway is a game-changing tool that allows farmers and hoof trimmers to remove wraps from cows’ hooves with ease. Its razor-sharp blade, adjustable handle, and durable construction make it the ideal choice for efficient and safe wrap removal.

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Fast and Safe Wrap and Bandage Removal for Hoof Care

Are you tired of struggling with the tedious and time-consuming task of removing wraps and bandages from your cows’ hooves? The WrapAway is here to revolutionize your farm’s routine. With its innovative design and exceptional features, the WrapAway is a must-have tool for farmers and hoof trimmers. Say goodbye to the hassle and hello to efficiency with the WrapAway!

Key Benefits of the WrapAway:

1. Fast and Safe Removal: The WrapAway ensures a swift and secure removal of wraps and bandages. Its razor-sharp blade made of high carbon, 420-grade steel provides a precise cut without causing any harm or injury to your cows. This advanced tool guarantees a hassle-free and painless experience for both you and your livestock.

2. Convenient Length: This versatile tool allows you to work from a safe distance, significantly reducing the risk of being kicked or hit by the cow. Whether you’re in the milking parlour, free-stall barns, or near the feeding area, the longer handle provides optimal reach and maneuverability for effortless wrap removal.

3. Versatile Usage: The WrapAway is designed to cater to various farm environments. It is perfect for removing wraps and bandages from the front and back feet in the milking parlour, ensuring the well-being of your cows. Additionally, hoof trimmers can utilize the WrapAway as an essential tool to offer or sell to their clients after trimming their herds, promoting effective cow care practices.

4. Adjustable Handle: The WrapAway boasts a distinctive design with a threaded end, allowing you to attach a handle or pole of your desired length. This adjustable feature provides added versatility and customization options based on your individual needs and preferences. You can purchase the handle or pole online or from your nearby hardware store.

5. Premium Construction: Crafted with durability in mind, the WrapAway boasts top-quality materials.

Did you know why hoof trimmers use wraps on a hoof?

Wrapping cows with the Intra Tape is a great way to ensure that the Intra Hoof-fit Gel stays a little longer on the hoof. But the wrap needs to be removed on time (3-4 days). You may be interested in reading our blog post, where we asked four hoof experts to share their tips on hoof wrapping.

Could you tell me what is included in the package of the WrapAway?

The WrapAway product is securely packaged with screws and an Allen wrench to assemble the tool. The tool itself does not include a threaded pole – shop by your local hardware store for a wooden ‘broomstick’ or painter’s extension pole. This option will save you on shipping costs.

The following feature poles are available and can be ordered on this page if desired:

  • The variable extension pole: prime ready-to-use pole for WrapAway. This feature adds a high-quality extension pole that extends from 2′ to 4′ with a simple click of a button.
  • The wooden extension pole: the complete ready-to-use pole for WrapAway. This feature adds a 28″ wooden extension pole.

WARNING: This tool is designed for livestock use only. Keep away from children. The cutting blade is very sharp and should be handled with caution. Improper application can result in injury. Diamond Hoof Care Ltd, the manufacturer, and our distributors are not liable for improper use of the WrapAway tool.

The WrapAway name is protected by copyright.

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