Hoof Sol Bath


The Hoof Sol Bath is used for hoof care in livestock since 2002. Has a role in maintaining healthy hooves. Use as a safe alternative for formalin and copper sulfate.

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The Hoof Sol Bath is a great foot bath additive to control and maintain proper hoof health in a dairy herd and is to be used as an alternative to harmful products (e.g. formalin, copper sulfate and acid products). Foot baths are used as a preventative tool in support of treatment protocols on the farm and will bring great $$ returns if managed properly.

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  • Great adhesion: unique green color shows which hooves are done.
  • A stable product which lasts longer in a foot bath.
  • Has a role in maintaining healthy hooves
  • Easy mixing and safe to use.

Usage Tips:

  • Trim the hooves of the herd regularly to ensure proper walking and eliminating other hoof challenges.
  • Mix Hoof Sol Bath product at 5% concentration with water.
  • Repeat foot bath solution once it contaminated (usually at 250-300 cow-passes).
  • Always treat lame cows in a chute.

Types of Livestock:

  • Cattle
  • Sheep
  • Goats

Additional Information:

  • Also, consider other procedures: a weekly or bi-weekly spraying habit to ensure proper and timely focus on maintaining overall hoof health in the herd. 
  • This product is used in the Bovi Booster in robotic milkers.

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20 liter jug, 200 liter drum, 1,000 liter tote


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