Intra Inspection Mirror


This LED-equipped inspection mirror allows you to check the udder cleft area without being hurt.

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Where do we use the Intra Inspection Mirror?

This inspection mirror allows you to check the udder cleft area without being hurt. The tool is equipped with a dual-LED light to eliminate the dark area under the cow.

The udder cleft area is located between the front teats and at the transition of the front quarters and the abdominal wall. Udder cleft skin problems are mostly diagnosed during milking or hoof trimming and are more frequently seen in older cows regardless of the stage of lactation.

Although udder cleft skin challenges are well known in the dairy industry, not much research has been performed. The consequences of udder skin issues are impaired animal welfare, reduced milk production, and affected milk quality. Also, it can lead to premature culling. The number of udder skin issues on a farm is often underestimated.

Our field trials with on-farm experience emphasize that early detection is key to a good outcome. The udder cleft incidence on a farm is often underestimated, particularly on farms with a milking robot. Therefore, it is strongly recommended to regularly check the udders of all animals using a telescopic inspection mirror.

Prevention plan

  1. Clean and dry the udder cleft skin.
  2. Evenly cover with Intra Repiderma spray from a distance of ±15 cm at least every other day until completely normal.

Udder Cleft Skin Prevention Plan

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